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9 Principles of War- HLL adapted 1. Objective - have valid strategic purpose for doing what you do. Don't waste men, vehicles, supplies of frivolous ineffective actions.

2. Offensive - Seize, retain, and exploit the initiative. Always work to interrupt, delay, or deny the enemy initiative whenever possible.

3. Mass - Utilize your forces to apply maximum combat power. I.e work with command chat to sync squads, utilize friendly arty, or armor to win.

4. Economy of Force - Appropriate allocation. (i.e don't send 7 squads to all flank etc)

5. Maneuver - Flexible and deliberate movement in relation to the enemy to gain advantage. To further your teams positions and fire, and to deny the enemy theirs. Maneuver is a demonstration of initiative.

6. Unity of Command. - Aggressively seek cohesion of command, and or within your squads. Teamwork makes the dream work

7. Security - Be mindful of what the enemy will try to do, and predict, allocate, and effectively seek to counteract their plans. (Flanking, Multiple fire angles, Defensive AP mine placement, Garrison denial, etc)

8. Surprise - Can decisively shift the balance of combat power, momentum, and shift the initiative. Wether by defensive emplacements, or surprise flanking actions. Surprise is the expenditure of initiative and demonstrates your teams momentum when successful. 'Enact your plans so the enemy can't enact his'.

9. Simplicity - Prepare clear, uncomplicated plans and concise orders to ensure understanding. 'Everything in war is very simple, but the simple thing is difficult'. K.I.S.S., and when formulating strategy, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Kampfer note :

Attempting to adapt the real world to video games is largely moot, especially as pertains to war.

The understanding, application, and implementation of doctrine however is not lost on something like HLL as a platform provides.

Knowing the how and why war and inevitably victory works, commanders, and middle rank NCOs can grasp concepts that foster success, more fun, and more rewarding gameplay. Thanks for reading.

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