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Updated: Jul 9

One of the best ways to build your gaming community is to post in a blog. Articles about your game, game news, team news, events, and gameplay tips make great blog posts. A blog keeps your members up-to-date and can provide a form of passive recruitment.

How Passive Recruitment Works

Unlike content posted in Discord, every post on your website's blog is searchable online. However, not all blog posts are useful. Stay relevant to your topic, be informative, and do not copy articles you find on the Web. This can hurt your site.

“Think of your posts like a net. The more informative your posts and the more posts you have, the larger your net."

The goal of any blog is quality on top of quantity. Simply put, you want a lot of great posts. Encourage your members to post good content, designed to educated or inform the reader. Start by helping one another with the game. Here are some Blogging Tips and Ideas Add important (i.e. "relevant") keywords to your posts. You can also add hashtags (#hll #hellletloose #hlltrainingcamp) throughout your posts to reach more people and help visitors search for relevant content.

If you don't know what to write about, the HLL Training Camp has a number of videos online. The game is constantly changing, and some of the content is out of date. Consider embedding one of the videos in a blog and updating the information provided. Want to make your post stand out? Consider adding high-quality images to your posts. This blog allows you to add images in a few ways. Again, quality matters. But balance your image quality against post accessibility. Large images (like .png, .bmp, and .gif files) slow down page loading. The most popular format for images is .jpg at "high" or even "medium" quality. And be sure to size your images according to use. Sites typically scale images down to fit specific locations, but the file sizes of images often remain the same. Scaling your images beforehand improves download speeds and makes your post more accessible. Good luck,

GOD-sSs-END (aka David Allen Farrell) Game Community Consultant


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