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Operating gaming servers is rewarding in the aspect that we can provide a platform, a home, for players of that game to play. It also provides an opportunity for 20th.PzG members to have a server they can call their own. In that server, we can offer quality gameplay in a controlled environment that we think everyone will enjoy. We will be able to host special events with our members as well as other communities.


When hosting gaming servers and providing a community, there are always expenses involved. There is the time and management needed to provide a playable structure, and also the financial requirements for providing that server. We here at 20th.PzG do not require any membership dues or financial subscriptions. We operate solely off donations from the community. Those donations go towards our server costs, website maintenance, community raffles, and giveaways. If you would like to contribute to the community, you can graciously donate by clicking the button below.

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